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Septic Services 

Our friendly and professional staff are ready to help with all of your septic needs to ensure your system is running efficiently. Septic pumping should be done every three years to ensure your tank and baffles are in good condition. It also prevents any back ups or leach field damage. At Doran Brothers, we take the guess work out of your septic and record the type, size, and location to keep on file. We are the leader in the field of residential, commercial, and municipal wastewater disposal. 



  • Residential Pumping

  • Commercial

  • Municipal liquid sludge and wastewater disposal 

  • Septage and sludge transport

Our septic pumping services are offered to ensure your system is running efficiently. If your system is equipped with a filter, we will clean it at no additional charge at time of pumping. We take pride in providing you with a high quality and professional experience for your septic needs. 

We are the leader in the field of residential, commercial, and municipal liquid sludge and wastewater disposal. Serving Rutland and Addison Counties in Vermont and Washington County in New York. 



Visual Inspection

Conducted with a septic pumping. Our trained technicians will visually inspect the tank. The level of septage prior to pumping will be noted along with the structural condition of the tank and the baffles. They will also be able to tell if there is anything coming back from the leach field or in from the house at time of pumping. 

Camera Inspection

Conducted with or without a pumping. Our camera can be used to inspect as well as take pictures of the inlet and outlet lines of the septic system of up to 200 feet. The full report of the system including the photos taken during the inspection can be E-mailed, sent in the mail, or picked up at our office.  


Toilet paper, grease, roots, ice and other things, we have a snake, rodding tool, artic blaster, and vacuum to get most things out. 



Through the use of probes, a metal detector, or an electronic transmitter, we will locate your septic tank for you. We keep maps on file with measurements to be used in the future and to speed up the process the next time. 



Our hydro jetter can also be used to assist with many drainage issues. It can blast out scale build up, grease, some tree roots, and other debris. Access to inlet and outline will be needed as well as a water source hook up for the hose. 

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