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  • How often should I get my septic tank pumped?
    We recommend every three years for a family of four on a 1000 gallon tank system.
  • What area do you service?
    South to Greenwich, North to Whiting, West to Huletts landing and Fort Ann, and East to Ludlow, and Bridgewater.
  • Do you offer tank inspections?
    Yes! Just ask us when you call for a pumping.
  • How do you conduct a tank inspection?
    First we note the level of the tank before pumping to ensure it was at proper operating level. We then pump out the septic tank and do a visual inspection of the tank condition and baffles. At that time, we can tell if the tank is leaching out properly as well.
  • Can I rent a portable toilet for just a day?
    Yes, but it will be charged at the "weekend rate".
  • What towns do you rent weekend portable toilets to?
    Area goes North to Orwell and Sudbury. East to Pittsford, Chittenden, Wallingford, and Tinmouth. South to Pawlet and West Pawlet. West to Granville, Hartford, Comstock, Whitehall, Dresden, and Putnam Station.

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